Mutual Fund calculator monthly contribution in India for SIP, bank rate, expense ratio etc.

The Mutual Fund SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Calculator is also popularly known as SIP Investment Calculator is one of the first things that investors research on. Such Mutual Fund SIP Calculators are used by major financial institutions such as HDFC, ICICI, IDBI, etc.

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How can I find the CAGR using the computer?

To calculate a CAGR, use the XIRR function in MS Excel.

8-Jan-06 1,00,000 Enter the date and the investment value
31-Dec-12 2,00,000 Enter the current value and the current date
XIRR formula 10.43%

Please remember to put a negative sign as the XIRR formula calculates the return on cash flows. Thus to find returns there has to be a cash inflow and cash outflow, which should be indicated with the use of positive and negative signs.

Understanding Annualised returns

A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is what measures the rate of return over an investment period. It is a smoothened rate because it measures the growth of an investment as if it had grown at a steady rate, on an annually compounded basis.

CAGR = [(Current Value / Beginning Value) ^ (1/# of Years)]-1

Understanding Absolute returns

Absolute return is the simple increase (or decrease) in your investment in terms of percentage. It does not take into account the time taken for this change. So if an investment’s current market value is Rs. 5,25,000 and your invested amount was Rs. 2,75,000 then your absolute return will be:

[(5,25,000-2,75,000)/2,75,000] = 90.9%