I travel by Ola or Uber almost always and at least 2 times a day. While traveling back from work in the evening, I prefer to ride alone. However, in the morning, I try to book an Ola Share ride so that I can meet interesting people and listen in on work conversations. I also shamelessly plug my startup idea and get a lot of feedback every day from my co-passengers.

Yesterday was a little different. My recent hire – Ravi had come over to my place for some discussions early morning. As we walked out of my building gate, I booked an Ola share for the two of us. We boarded the cab and engaged in a chatter. Ravi is a fresh graduate from a top-notch engineering institute. Millennia almost always have a tough time understanding why we middle aged guys work so hard. Ravi was curious too. In a very playful coy way he asked “Sir, you are a serial entrepreneur. Almost all your startups were fairly successful and have given you good returns. Shouldn’t you be enjoying life with the money you earned? Why do you still work so hard?”

I had a smug smile on my face. A younger version of me was just as naive as him, back in the day. It is difficult to explain love, you can only feel it. Just so, it is difficult to explain a millennial what responsibility feels like. Anyway, I had to try. I started narrating to him the traumatic situations one goes through when their loved ones catch a disease. If there was a term as “medical inflation”, I feel as if it would be 300x price inflation. It’s become increasingly important to accumulate wealth just to protect your loved ones. That’s the no.1 priority.

Of course, you can’t always live in fear. You also need to maintain a status quo, a certain level of lifestyle quotient if I may say. iPhone, MacBook, Tommy Jeans, Custom shirts and an iWatch are life’s hygiene thrills that help you pass through every judgmental client, co-worker, or co-passenger who tries to measure your worth in a glance. Not to forget those aspirations of travel, that sizzling hot automobile you have been craving to own or the second home you fancy.

I reasoned with Ravi. All those come with hard work and financial planning, I said. Our third co-passenger had been quietly listening in to our conversation until now. A gentleman who seemed to be in his late 40’s, his salt and pepper hair gave him a wise aura. He broke his silence and jumped in the conversation. He said, “I’ve been listening to your conversation the whole time and I wouldn’t care for what reason you do it, but financial planning makes or breaks your life”. He explained how he was once a cement tycoon who lost his wealth and went from rags to riches to rags again. If only there were advanced financial instruments in his time, like what we have nowadays, he would’ve been a lot happier.

He mentioned how he pulled himself up again and is now back to living a somewhat comfortable life. He also educated us on an interesting insurance product he participated in. Ravi had a very serious look on his face. He was trying to soak all the information he could process. That’s a great thing about the younger generation. They love learning new things, creating experiences and figuring out their life’s journey without rules. Our office location had arrived and we bid adieu to the wise man who spoke too less and yet educated us for life’s long haul.

On my way back that evening, I looked up on the internet and found the financial instruments the wise man suggested. Quite frankly I found it very interesting. It is called Edelweiss Tokio Life- GCap – A plan that offers fully guaranteed maturity benefit and death benefits along with a Guaranteed Accrual Addition (GAA). I found that this plan perfectly understood Indian needs and worked for everyone who was looking for wealth accumulation and wealth enhancement along with the protection of an insurance cover. This plan offers guaranteed return benefits and gives multiple options. I’ve asked their financial advisors to contact me and explain more about it.

Life’s Ola and Uber share’s continue and so do the learnings. You get some, you lose some 🙂