Here’s my Scripbox Review – Automated mutual fund investment tool.

I recently was knocked out of my mind when I received an email that promised to do all the hard work for me and automatically invest my money in mutual funds that will outperform.

The mail came from moneycontrol – A CNBC TV18 reputed portal for investing, which is why I opened it in the first place. However, on closer look it seemed like it was not a service offered by moneycontrol but was one of those paid promotional mailers that they would send to their subscribers.

The company looks interesting and does put up a very strong front face with an established team showcased here :

The convenience of an online mutual fund investment is a welcome move. However, whether the automated mutual fund investment tool can really outperform is completely debatable and thus I would not suggest you to invest in the recommendations made without some research of your own.

If any of our readers has a first hand experience with scripbox, please comment below and let us know your scripbox review.

What do you think?  Is a scam website or a legit website?